BudClub™ Makes Home Growing as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Relax! We've simplified the home growing experience and used years of curated research in creating our kits guaranteeing successful growing and big, beautiful buds
1. Prep Your Grow

Your BudClub™ kit comes with everything you need to grow Big Beautiful Buds in our organic and reusable grow bag. All you will need is organic soil and love.

2. Plant Your Seeds

We have carefully selected seeds that take the worry out of growing. Simply put, they are guaranteed to grow into the best quality strains of cannabis.

3. Water & Watch it Flourish

Believe me, there's nothing better than watching your seed grow into a mature cannabis plant. Easy tips and steps for curating are right here at BudClubUSA.com

Experience a Plus But Not Necessary!

In as little as 12 weeks, you can grow your own Big Beautiful Buds at home. Watch our Budee Kristy as she takes you through how easy our process really is.

Worried Your Bud Will Be a Dud?

We get it. We promise that our BudClub™ Home-Grow Kits make it easy to grow big, beautiful buds anywhere, in 3 easy steps!

Home Grow Kits and Harvesting Equipments for Cannabis
  • Foolproof 3-Step System

    1. Pack your grow bag
    2. Plant your seed
    3. Water and watch it grow!

  • Seeds Made Easy

    With so many choices out there, did you know your seed selection makes a difference in your success? We've selected only the best strains of seeds for your grow.

  • Fewer Steps Guarantees Success

    This is a tent-free zone. With BudClub™, there's no need to invest in expensive equipment and you can grow your cannabis plant anywhere! It is really that simple.

  • Best Budees

    BudClub™ offers the best support system on the market: absolutely FREE! Benefit from online classes and support from our Budees at any time during the growth process

Why Choose BudClub™ Over the Competition?

Because no one else gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed. BudClub™ takes the worry out of home growing.

  • Complete Kits with seeds starting at $79.99

    Our complete grow kits come with everything you need to grow big, beautiful, organic buds at home for as little as $29.99. Everything in the grow kit has your health and the environment in mind...even the grow bag is compostable! All of our kit essentials are made here in the USA by trusted, local companies.

    Start Saving Now

    Cannabis Plant Home Grow Kit
  • Grow big beautiful buds and save up to $2,5000 a year

    For as little as $29.99 you can grow a beautiful cannabis plant that will yield an end product representing savings of up to $400 per ounce. The joy of home growing is even better when you see these beautiful buds that save you the trips to the dispenseries and big bucks!

    Start Growing and Save!

  • BudMaster Grow Classes and Support

    At BudClub™ we will hold your hand each step of the way, if you want us to. Get free expert advice from MasterGrowers and from other BudClub™ community members throughout your home growing process to guarantee bigger, more beautiful buds.

    Meet Our Budees

    Cannabis Planting Guide by BudClub USA

Show Me Your Buds

I was a brand new grower & got amazing results using the BudClub kit! I love that it’s organic too & it made the process so simplified for me! I will use it again & again!

The kit is a complete kit aside from soil and seeds, but everything you need to get started. I thought it was a great idea and perfect for the beginner for sure!!! The kit has ALL the necessary tools for training your plants, feeding your plants and harvesting. I loved it!

I’m not exactly a DIY person. I order takeout, all that. But I wanted to give this a try because I have friends who do it and it seemed easy. This kit was great -- everything you need. It takes zero time, and in a few weeks you get something big in return. Can’t reco it enough.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but the process was super simple. The kit had everything. Mostly, I had to remember to water! It almost grows itself, and when I saw the buds start to sprout it was surreal. I kept thinking, “I did that?”