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Top 5 Tools Every Home Cannabis Grower Needs

Top 5 Tools Every Home Cannabis Grower Needs

Tools to Boost Your Home Cannabis Grow

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Are you starting your own cannabis grow at home?

Well, maybe you've already considered the seeds you want to use, the lighting, and the ideal type of soil. 

What about additional equipment to help your bud-growing experience be simple and a success?

As your trusted Budees, we've put together the top tools you need as a home cannabis grower. 

Let’s get started!

Cannabis Grow Lights

Why LED Lights Excel in Cannabis Cultivation

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To complete their growth cycle, cannabis plants require a specific type of light.  

That is why growing lights are important, more so for those who live in places with little sun exposure, to offer the right light range to these plants.

LED and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are types of growing lights available on the market. 

We recommend using LED grow lights for their energy efficiency and ability to help control our cannabis plant's growth.

Potting Soil for Cannabis

Your plants need high-quality soil for optimal growth.

Using potting soil specifically designed for cannabis can provide your plants with the nutrients and water they need.

Good cannabis potting soil typically has a balanced PH, good drainage, and nutrients.

Make sure to buy quality potting soil specifically meant for cannabis and add our Recharge Kit, too!

Cannabis Pots

Why Our Foolproof Grow Bag Is Perfect for Cannabis

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Like any plant, cannabis needs a proper container to grow in.

They are heavy feeders, which means they require more space to grow. Having the right pot size and shape can make all the difference.

Fabric pots are a great option as they allow for better airflow, which is critical for healthy root development.

Our grow bag from our Foolproof Grow Kits would be the perfect choice!

Drying Rack for Cannabis

After we've harvested our cannabis plants, we'll dry them. 

Proper drying must be done to ensure they are safe to consume and won’t contain any mold or bacteria.

A drying rack, such as mesh or wire, clotheslines, and screens with multiple layers would be great!

Cannabis Curing Containers

Airtight Containers Improve Cannabis Bud Experience

Photo by Terrance Barksdale

Once dried, cannabis buds need curing for maximum potency and better taste.

Airtight glass jars or specialized curing containers, like jars, plastic containers, and bags, are a great option for this process.

These containers are important since they keep the humidity at the right level while preventing mold from growing inside.

On top of that, these will keep our buds fresh for months!

Wrapping It Up

Starting your home cannabis grow can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to have the right tools to make it successful.

With these 5 top tools, you’ll be ahead of the game in growing healthy cannabis plants at home.

If you need help choosing the right tools or other grow advice, check out Bud Club USA collections, where you can order our Foolproof kits, accessories, and seeds to help you begin your indoor cannabis growing journey.

Happy growing!