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Foolproof Grow Kits

Big Yield
Interested in growing and harvesting big, beautiful buds without any hassle? Check out these awesome perks that come with this kit! Plant Care & Sizing Est. yield – up to 4 ounces Water Interval – every 3-4 days Sunligh...
Bigger Yield
Are you an aspiring “green” thumb who doesn't have a lot of space to work with? Or maybe you're a seasoned pro who's looking to increase your yield. Either way, we've got the perfect solution for you! Introducing our 5-gallon Grow & Harvest Ki...
Mega Yield
This kit contains everything you need to grow and harvest big, beautiful buds, including 5 high-yield autoflower seeds. Perfect for up to 3 plants in an apartment, home or backyard. Designed to produce a big yield in a small space. Simply purchase...
Kit Only
Why Choose the Bud Club's Kit?  If you already have seeds at home, this kit is for you. Do not let your novice status stop you from growing cannabis at home. Begin your journey with this quality all-inclusive indoor grow kit and quickly become a...