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Coal Miner's Daughter Autoflowering Seeds
from $45.00
Coal Miner's Daughter Autoflowering Seeds Looking for a powerful and fast-flowering cannabis strain? Bud Club has the perfect seed for you! Our Coal Miner's Daughter Auto-flowering Seed is perfect for all enthusiasts looking for an intense and ar...
Ace of Spades Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
from $45.00
If you’re looking for a cannabis cultivar that offers the best of both worlds, then look no further than our Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seeds! With their splendid resistance to mold and mildew, sweet pineapple flavors, plus natural, earthy tones,...
The Forge Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
from $45.00
Have you been looking for a fast-flowering hybrid strain with a sweet, sugary terpene profile? Our Forge autoflowering seeds are the ideal selection! This unique strain of our cannabis seeds is fast-growing, easy to cultivate, and produces an impr...