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While it’s true that BudClub™ home growing kits are the best for first-time growers, we want to provide you with all of the guidance you may need throughout your growing process. That’s why we created the BudClub™ Budee system. Our online guides and classes are available at any time because we want you to grow the biggest, most beautiful buds possible. But part of the fun of the experience of growing your own weed is sharing your results with others.  That’s why our founder Dean Schwartz started the BudClub™ community page where other experienced or first-time growers can share their experience, chat about growing hints or questions, and show off their big, beautiful buds to other growers.  

Our BudClub™ growers benefit from...

1. Unlimited GrowMaster online classes.  While it’s easy to grow your own bud in three simple steps, our GrowMaster classes can help you with things like growing the biggest bud, how much water to use, the right amount of light for your plant, and how to curate your buds once they’ve matured.

2. An easy to use, comprehensive, step by step growing guide to use once you’ve received your BudClub™ home growing kit.

3. A fun place to meet and chat about your growing tricks and progress, buds, cannabis, and the experience of seeing your own buds come to life.