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Ace of Spades Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re looking for a cannabis cultivar that offers the best of both worlds, then look no further than our Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seeds!

With their splendid resistance to mold and mildew, sweet pineapple flavors, plus natural, earthy tones, these cannabis seeds will have all growers like you raving! 

Oh - did we mention that it has an exquisite aroma akin to cotton candy? You will surely love its blend!

Let’s explore more of what makes this one-of-a-kind growing cannabis in soil so special.

What Are Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seeds? 

At A Glance:

  • CMD X Sindica (Pure Breeding Collab)
  • Dimensions: Up to 3-foot plants
  • High Yield Method: 5 gal pots
  • Recommended Light Cycle: 18/6 or 20/4 (Will flower under 24 hrs)
  • Aroma: Cotton Candy, Pineapple, and earthy tones
  • Odor: Med/High
  • Grow Environment: Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse.

A True 50/50 Hybrid 

The Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seeds brings together two classic strains for a truly unique experience. Sindica brings her sativa stone hidden in an indica frame along with her earthy and pineapple tones. Meanwhile, CMD brings her mold, mildew resistance, and sweet aromas of cotton candy.

Together they create a balanced 50/50 hybrid that everyone can enjoy! 

Growth Cycle & Yields 

It has an ideal growth cycle for indoor and outdoor growers alike. These seeds are best when planted in 5-gallon pots and grown under either 18/6 or 20/4 light cycles; they will also flower under 24hrs of light.

When planted outdoors, it will reach its peak flowering time between mid-August and early September; indoors, this strain takes around eight weeks to flower fully.

In both environments, yields are high—up to 600g/m2 in indoor grows and up to 800g/plant outdoors! 

Flavor & Aroma 

It offers good looks and fantastic flavor and smell! Its exotic mix of earthy tones, pineapple aromas, and sweet cotton candy scents will fill your garden with warmth and joy - plus, these pungent aromas will please even the most discerning smoker's taste buds!

Why Choose Bud Club's  Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seeds?

A Unique Combination of Terps & Stone 

What truly sets our Ace of Spades apart from other hybrids is its unique combination of terps and stone. Not only does it have sativa stone hidden in an indica body, but it also has CMD's mold and mildew resistance and its pineapple and earthy tones.

All these characteristics come together to create a truly unique cultivar that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a perfect balance between Indica and Sativa effects. 

An Easy Grow That Produces Quality Results 

In addition to having a unique flavor profile, these cannabis seeds are easy to grow in 2-gallon pots or in our 3 Gallon Grow Kit with an average finish time of 60-75 days. As a result, you can expect medium-sized plants covered in resin--perfect for flower or extract production!

Furthermore, thanks to the auto-flowering nature of Ace of Spade's seeds, you won’t have to worry about complicated light schedules or worrying about starting too early or late in their growing season. This strain is perfect for growing indoors, outdoors, or even in greenhouses—anywhere you have access to plenty of sunlight! 

Join the Bud Club's Ace of Spades Autoflowering Seed Experience Now!

Whether you're new or an experienced grower looking for something special, these autoflowering seeds are sure to please!  With this growing cannabis in soil's easy growth cycle, high yields, and unique aroma profile, it’s no wonder this strain has become so popular among growers everywhere! 

Providing you with an uplifting high while still being calming enough for nighttime activities, Ace of Spade's effects make it perfect for your social gatherings or just kicking back after a long day!

Trust us - you won't be disappointed! Try out your own batch today!