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Fish Shit 2.7fl oz

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Fish Shit

If there’s one thing bud-lovers know, it’s that bigger buds mean bigger rewards!

And if you’re looking to get the most out of your indoor cannabis growing, you’ll want to make sure you’re using every available tool in order to achieve maximum success.

Enter our very own-- Fish Shit: A Living Ecosystem in a Bottle!

It is an organic soil conditioner with a natural mix of microbes and nutrients designed to give your plants a powerful boost. It may just be the secret weapon of every Budee in our club!

Let’s take a deeper look at this fantastic product. 


What Exactly is Fish Shit? 

Fish Shit is a living ecosystem in a bottle—literally! It contains beneficial bacteria and is made from fish hydrolysate – which is essentially a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients derived from fish. This combination of nutrients helps reduce the need for chemical fertilizers while providing your plants with essential elements for growth.

For example, the bacteria found in this soil conditioner help break down organic matter into simple compounds that can easily be absorbed by your plants, providing them with essential nutrients. 

Not only that, our Fish Shit helps keep the soil aerated while reducing odor and improving water retention—all of which are necessary for optimal growth and health!

In short, it helps improve soil structure and fertility and increase water retention – allowing your cannabis plants to stay hydrated for extended periods!


How Does It Work? 

Our Fish Shit works by introducing beneficial microbes into the soil ecosystem, which help break down organic material into more readily available forms of nutrition for your plants. 

The microbes also create natural enzymes that act as catalysts for nutrient uptake by the roots of your cannabis plants, meaning they can absorb more of these beneficial elements from the soil!

Additionally, because it contains trace elements like iron, manganese, zinc, and copper, these minerals will be absorbed by your plants, giving them everything they need to reach their full potential! 

How To Use It

Using Fish Shit couldn’t be easier!

All you have to do is add two tablespoons per gallon of water each time you water your plants (or one cup per seven gallons). This will ensure that your indoor cannabis plants are getting the maximum benefit from all the nutrients contained in this powerful formula.

You can also add it directly to the soil with our Root Organic Terp Tea Bloom before planting your cannabis seeds or use it as a foliar spray if desired—the choice is yours! 

Why Should You Use It? 

Using Fish Shit provides several benefits for both novice and experienced cannabis growers alike.

For starters, it reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which can sometimes contain harmful chemicals that can damage or even kill your plants. Additionally, because it comes as a liquid solution, it is easy to apply and won't take up too much space in your garden or greenhouse.

Finally, adding a little bit of it every time you water helps supercharge your plants—giving them the extra boost they need to grow big and healthy buds! 


The Benefits Of Using Our Fish Shit 

It's no wonder why people are turning to BudClub USA's Fish Shit - its benefits are unbeatable! These include:

  • Increased nutrient uptake by the roots of your plants
  • Improved root health due to better aeration and drainage caused by the microbes breaking down organic matter
  • Increased mineral content in the soil so your plants have access to everything they need
  • Improved water retention – allowing you to use less water when watering your plants!

Plus, it's 100% organic, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals or pesticides seeping into your garden!


Supercharge Your Plants with BudClub USA’s Fish Shit 

If you want bigger, brighter buds, then add a little Fish Shit every time you water – it’s an easy way to give your cannabis plants a boost with no fuss or mess!

It is an all-natural soil conditioner that will help power up your garden for big, beautiful buds with every application. It contains essential nutrients, growth hormones, and natural microorganisms that work together to create an optimal environment for plant growth while improving soil structure at the same time. 

This organic soil conditioner has everything you need to give your garden an extra boost — extra microbes for big beautiful buds! Plus, it's easy to use — just add a little every time you water and watch as your plant reaches its maximum growth potential!

Are you ready to supercharge your plants with BudClub USA's Fish Shit?

Start using it today - you won't regret it! Order yours now!