Mega Yield

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This kit contains everything you need to grow and harvest big, beautiful buds, including 5 high-yield autoflower seeds. Perfect for up to 3 plants in an apartment, home or backyard. Designed to produce a big yield in a small space. Simply purchase organic soil locally and in 3 steps you'll grow like a pro!

We guarantee our kits yield successful grows! If you're unhappy with your results, contact us and we'll send you a free refill kit.

Plant Care & Sizing

Est. yield – up to 12 ounces

Water Interval – every 3-4 days

Sunlight – 4+ hours per day

Plant Height – grows to an estimated 2-4 ft.

What's Inside? 

This cannabis growing kit has all the tools and supplies you need for your weed’s perfect growth! It includes:

  • 10-gallon grow bag
  • 5 feminized autoflower seeds
  • BudGrub organic fertilizer that is made up of nutrients and microbes explicitly designed for solid growth
  • BudBooster nutrition for big, flowering buds
  • BudSpread 12 seed cover crop for moisture and pest control
  • BudShield sticky insect traps
  • Humidity control cup
  • Training ties for improved yield
  • Gloves
  • PH water test strips
  • BudMaster e-Guide that will walk you through every step of the process so that you can grow cannabis like a pro! 
  • Trimming scissors for trimming buds
  • Jeweler's loupe for inspecting trichomes on buds
  • Humidity-controlled curing bag

  • Why Choose the Bud Club's 10 Gallon Grow & Harvest?

    Do not let your novice status stop you from growing cannabis at home. Begin your journey with this quality all-inclusive indoor grow kit and quickly become a master of the trade!

    Easy Setup & Maintenance 

    No green thumb is required here! This indoor cannabis growing kit is designed so that anyone can set it up quickly and easily. We provide detailed instructions on assembling the components in just a few simple steps.

    And once it’s all put together, maintenance is minimal; we even provide helpful tips on how to keep your plant healthy and happy throughout its life cycle.

    Plus, we have the best support community on the market - and it's totally free! Gain access to our Budees' online classes and assistance at any time throughout your growth journey!

    Big Yields For Your Small Space 

    This weed-growing kit is ideal if you're limited in space or have only one plant. It's designed to produce a big yield in a small area—perfect if you live in an apartment or have limited outdoor space.

    You can guarantee that your plants will reach their highest potential while leaving plenty of room for other "greenery" in your garden.

    Plus, our nutrient mix contributes to the success of them all! So don't hesitate any longer - start growing now!

    Plant Care & Sizing 

    Our kit is designed to produce a significant yield from just one plant in a small space—up to 12 ounces per plant!  

    For best results, water every 3-4 days and give your plant at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day. We recommend purchasing organic soil locally for your plants' optimal growth and health.

    Why BudClub?

    Beginner Friendly –Growing cannabis doesn't have to be a challenge - let us make it easy for you! Our feminized autoflower seeds are specially chosen and guaranteed to deliver results. Just prepare your grow area, plant the seed, water as necessary, and watch in awe as it blooms before your eyes!

    Step by Step – Every kit comes with a Grow Guide that simplifies the process of growing, helping to ensure your plant is healthy and producing bountiful buds! 

    Plus, you can join our supportive community, where all questions are welcome. Get help when needed to keep your growth as successful as possible!

    Community and Classes – By using the BudMaster Grow Guide, you'll no longer be a novice in cannabis cultivation - this guide will take you through every step of growing and harvesting. Also included is access to exclusive online courses as well as insight from an experienced community of growers!

    Save Money – Transform your own space into a horticultural haven and bid farewell to high dispensary prices for good! From now on, you can revel in the satisfaction of cultivating big, beautiful buds right at home!

    Shipping Info

    Shipping Worldwide – We ship to all 50 U.S. states and internationally. Shipping time and cost depend on your location, carrier, and delivery speed selection, and they will be calculated at checkout. Duties charged upon arrival are at the country's discretion and at the buyer's expense.

    Privacy Wrapped Delivery Guarantee – You will receive a discrete package for your privacy. If, for whatever reason, our package does not reach you, just contact our team for assistance!

    Grow Big Buds in a Small Space with Bud Club USA's 10-Gallon Grow & Harvest Kit

    With our 10 Gallon Grow & Harvest at hand, it's easier than ever to start cultivating beautiful buds right away!

    This comprehensive set includes everything needed to grow like a pro in no time - no more hunting down various pieces and parts needed for successful harvests!

    All that’s left is to purchase some organic soil locally. We suggest checking out your local nursery or farmers market if they offer organic soil options. That's it! 

    Best soils plus our indoor growing kit, you'll be well on your way toward enjoying lush cannabis plants with healthy yields of delicious buds.

    Also, our indoor grow kit makes a great gift! 

    Share the love of growing strains with friends and family! 

    Don't wait any longer. Get yours today and revel in the delight of harvesting delectable cannabis with massive amounts of exquisite buds!

    Have a bountiful growing season!