Mega Yield

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Get a MEGA YIELD of up to 12 ounces from 2-3 plants!

This kit contains everything you need to grow and harvest big, beautiful buds. Perfect for up to 3 plants in an apartment, home or backyard. Designed to produce a mega yield in a small space. Simply purchase organic soil locally and in 3 steps you'll grow like a pro!

We guarantee our kits yield successful grows! If you're unhappy with your results, contact us and we'll send you a free refill kit.

Plant Care & Sizing

Est. yield – up to 12 ounces

Water Interval – every 3-4 days

Sunlight – 4+ hours per day

Plant Height – grows to an estimated 2-4 ft.

Included in the Kit

  • 10 gallon grow bag
  • BudGrub: Organic nutrients and microbes for strong vegetative growth
  • BudBooster: Extra nutrition for big, flowering buds
  • BudSpread: 12 seed cover crop for moisture and pest control
  • BudShield: Sticky insect traps
  • Humidity control cups
  • Training ties for improved yield
  • Gloves
  • PH water test strips
  • BudMaster e-Guide to growing big, beautiful buds
  • Trimming scissors for trimming buds
  • Jeweler's loupe for inspecting trichomes on buds
  • Humidity controlled curing bag

Why BudClub?

Beginner Friendly – We made growing cannabis as easy as possible. Our feminized autoflower seeds are hand-picked for their success rate. Simply prep your grow, plant your seed, water and watch it flourish!

Step by Step – Every kit comes with an easy-to-follow step-by-step Grow Guide to help ensure your plant is healthy and produces big, beautiful buds. You'll also have a community where you can ask questions and get support when you need it.

Community and Classes – The BudMaster Grow Guide takes you through the process of growing and harvesting your plant. Plus you'll have access to online courses and a community of growers to learn from!

Save Money – Grow your own big, beautiful buds at home and say goodbye to the expensive dispensary.

Shipping Info

Shipping Worldwide – We ship to all 50 US states and internationally. Shipping time and cost depends on your location, carrier, and delivery speed selection and will be calculated at checkout. Duties charged upon arrival are at the discretion of the country and at the expense of the buyer.

Privacy Wrapped, Delivery Guarantee – You'll receive a discreet package for your privacy. If for whatever reason our package doesn't reach you, just contact our team for assistance!